Who Can You Trust?

Our live session on Episode 4 is over, but you can watch it on our YouTube channel (link below), but be sure to visit this page for more information and resources on every episode of this series: https://kittitasleague.org/resources/navigating-digital-information/

Resource pdf to download:

Join our online discussion group on navigating digital information – scroll down for registration link leading to the session on Zoom, Thursday, Mar. 11, 3:00 pm. 

This group will explore topics including how to fact-check information, how to evaluate sources, and how to distinguish fact from opinion, and is moderated by Katherine Murphy.

Centered on the Crash Course YouTube series, Navigating Digital Information, here is what we will learn in Episode 4, Who Can You Trust?

“In which John Green teaches you how to assess the sources of information you find on the internet. The growing suspicion of expertise is a growing problem on the internet, and it can be very difficult to figure out which sources are authoritative. In this episode John offers some strategies to help you identify credible sources and take into account a source’s point of view.”



The sessions will be recorded and available to watch later on our YouTube channel. For more information, email kittitasinfo@gmail.com.

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