The Democracy Rocks Treasure Hunt is almost over!

But there is still time to join the Treasure Hunt which will end August 12, 2022. Turn in your treasure hunt log no later than August 31 to be eligible for prizes. Learn more on our Treasure Hunt page, find the latest details, clues, and how to enter to win a prize. Below is clue set #22 – the easiest yet!

DID YOU KNOW? Women fought for the right to vote, to have a voice in our Republic democracy, for over 70 years before succeeding. We are still fighting for equality, bodily autonomy, fair elections, and more. Honor generations of determined women, use your voice and vote!

If you haven’t turned in your completed Primary Ballot yet – use the nearest ballot drop box and not the post office to ensure your vote arrives on time! Today is your last day to vote in this primary to create the community you need!

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