Turnout Comparison – Even Years


The 2022 Primary Election results are not yet certified. So far, once remaining votes are counted, voter turnout looks to be in the 42% range. How does it compare to past even-year primary elections?

Let’s take a look…


In the 2020 Primary, there were 27,892 registered voters and 60.53% of them voted. That is 3,160 more voters than 2018 and 4,814 more voters than in 2016. Turnout also improved: over 16 points higher than in 2018 and a whopping 22 points higher than in 2016.

2020, as a presidential election year, may also have positively impacted voter turnout.


In the 2018 Primary election four years ago, there were 24,732 registered voters and 44.41% voted in the 2018 primary. 1,654 more registered voters than in 2016 and a 6 point improvement in voter turnout.


Six years ago, there were 23, 078 registered voters in Kittitas County and just over a third of them voted in the August 2016 Primary election. 38.o8% to be exact. This is a particularly disappointing turnout in a presidential election year.

What does all this mean?

Well, 2022 shows an increase in citizens registered to vote (1,708 more than in 2020, 4,868 more than in 2018, and 6,522 more than in 2016), continuing a six-year trend of increased voter registration (and population growth, no doubt). Sadly fewer voters seemed to follow through and vote in this mid-term primary, reversing a four year turnout trend. The election results won’t be certified until 8/16/22, so this could still improve (hope it does).

In the 2020 November general election, just under 85% of registered voters in Kittitas County turned out. Let’s do better in this November general election. Let’s turn out 90% of the registered voters in the 2022 general election. We can do it, with YOUR help!

Commit to tagging (and nagging) 5 friends or family members (Your starting 5!) and urging them to register (if they haven’t) and vote on November 8th! Start tagging them right now.

Vote to be heard, to make a difference, to protect your rights, to create the community you need.

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