In Which We Announce Treasure Hunt Winners and Thank Those Who Made The Hunt Possible

The Democracy Rocks! Treasure Hunt was held from July 1 – August 31 to celebrate 100 years of the 19th Amendment granting women the right to vote, 100 years of the League of Women Voters, and to support our communities during this unprecedented time through a socially-distanced activity to learn more about voting rights, suffrage and LWV, and the importance of voting.

Please join us in thanking those volunteers, organizations, schools, businesses, and cities that helped make this treasure hunt a success:

First up, our rock painters, knitters, and crocheters who made the projects and the LWV members who purchased gift certificates in support of local businesses and donated them for prizes:

  • Kathy Matlin
  • Jean Putnam
  • Gretchen Chambers
  • Jean Kaspari
  • Susan Kelleher
  • Karen Mattocks
  • Katherine Murphy
  • Liz Fountain
  • Muriel Weaver
  • Jo Green
  • Karen Raymond
  • Charli Sorenson

Secondly, please help us thank the organizations, businesses, schools, individuals, and cities who graciously permitted us to place our treasures in their spaces for you to find:

  • Cities of Roslyn, Cle Elum, and Ellensburg
  • Easton, Cle Elum-Roslyn, Thorp, and Ellensburg School Districts
  • Swauk Teanaway Grange
  • Cle Elum Downtown Association
  • Bailey’s Bibliomania Bookstore
  • Glondo’s Sausage Company & Italian Market
  • Ellensburg United Methodist Church
  • Gallery One Visual Arts Center
  • Sage Hills II Homeowners Association
  • Mary Morgan
  • Nancy Wieking
  • Nancy Goodloe
  • Jo Green

Enough Already! Who Won?


CATEGORY: Selfie with Favorite Tag. Winner is Gwen Koenig with Tag 12. “I liked this message because it reminds me that there are times when certain groups of people who are citizens are discouraged from voting. While it is terrible that American citizens have been pressured not to vote, I think it also demonstrates that if everyone does get out to vote, groups of people can make a difference in an election.”

CATEGORY: Silly Selfie (Why it’s silly not to vote). Winner is Suzanne Noble with Tag 15. “When we don’t all vote, we are a farce of a democracy or a bunch of silly dunces.”

CATEGORY: Best Team Selfie. Winner is Team Rosen with Tag 12.


CATEGORY: Best Hunter Under 16. Winner is Emily Malella, age 8.

CATEGORY: Best Hunter Over 50. Winner is Lynda Lien, she’s over 50, honest

CATEGORY: Best Overall Hunter. Winner is Jamie Rosen.

Winners were chosen randomly from all entries. There were over 200 downloads of the treasure hunt log and lots of interactions with treasure hunters as they worked through our clues and hints. We hope you had fun, learned something new, and –if you are eligible– we hope you are registered to vote and plan to cast a ballot in the November Election. Not registered? You still have time! Go to VoteWA and register to vote today!