HB 1078 Restores voting rights. This bill will strengthen our democracy, increase public safety, and promote racial justice by automatically restoring the right to vote for every citizen living in the community. HB 1078 was heard in the Committee on State Government and Tribal Relations and is expected to move quickly.

 ACTION ALERT: Please click here to contact both your Representatives before January 21 and urge passage of this bill.

SB 5182 Eliminates advisory votes.  These are questions that appear on the ballot regarding state expenditures that have already passed. Although their wording (Repealed | Maintained) suggests that they are binding referenda, the results do not have any impact. They add significantly to the costs of elections and voters are not informed about them because reliable information is virtually impossible to find. Having votes that do not count for anything is inconsistent with League principles. Please join us in urging advisory votes be eliminated and pass SB 5182 (click the link to comment on the bill).


The state of Washington has the most regressive tax system in the country. If a capital gains tax were to pass, it would shift the balance toward greater equality. The tax does not apply to retirement incomes, sale of homes or other transactions that would affect most people. It is not an income tax; it is a tax on a sale of certain assets. Ask the Senate Ways and Means Committee to pass SB 5096.


HB 1091– Clean Fuels Bill. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the carbon intensity of transportation fuel. This is a new version of the clean fuels bill. The intent is to reduce greenhouse gas in the fuels we will continue to use, to improve the air quality by reducing pollution, and to ensure Washington has the incentive to create a clean fuel industry. On or before January 21st, give your support and urge passing by clicking this link: HB 1091.

HB 1168  Wildfire Response, Forest Restoration and Community Resilience Act.
Combines many of the agencies priority programs, increasing wildfire preparation personnel and equipment, shortening at risk forest restoration programs and increasing rural jobs. Request for a dedicated fund for $125 million per biennium from budget will be the challenge. A public hearing is scheduled for 8am on the 22nd before the House Rural Development Committee. If you haven’t registered to testify, just click this link to leave a comment in support of this bill.

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