Voting begins today; an AVU lets the physically challenged vote in private

accessible voting machine

Pssst! Pass the word: Registered voters with disabilities can learn how to use Kittitas County’s Accessible Voting Unit (AVU) so that they can vote in privacy for this and other elections.

Beginning today, the first day of voting for the Nov. 6 election, election staff will be on hand to help voters with disabilities learn their way around these devices. Read the brochure below for details.

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School board members address bond measure on Nov. 6 ballot


Now is the time to pass a $59 million bond measure to build a new elementary school and upgrade two other campuses in the Ellensburg School District, according to Mike Nollan, assistant superintendent for the district.

Nollan and other school district officials addressed a lunch meeting of the Kittitas Valley League of Women on Tuesday to explain the bond issue on the ballot for the Nov. 6 election.

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Never Been Prouder To Be A League Member

We Believe Her

“Today, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s voice was heard.

“We believe her, and the League supports a full FBI investigation of these claims, which must be done given these circumstances. This is the absolute least that can be done before the Senate votes on a lifetime appointment to our highest court. This is about equity and transparency, and nothing less.

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